Merchant Premium Collection Point

Welcome to our Office Place (Merchant Premium Collection Point) , where we provide comprehensive information about LIC plans that cater according to your needs.
Having years of experience, I believe to first understands the financial objectives and then recommend the appropriate LIC plan to the client.
I always believe of providing end-to-end insurance solutions entails rendering proper customer service and assisting the clients to get their legitimate claims.
Here at Merchant Premium Collection Point we provide all services to our beloved clients such as :-
(i) Keep track of pending invoices.
(ii) Payment of the Invoices using online platforms.
(iii) Depositing of invoice.
(iv) Queries on the pending invoices with the merchant or agent.
(v) Submit Invoice Generate proposal with the Cashier.
(vi) Initiate the invoice for the premium collected by the Merchant or Agent.
(vii)Totalling of the Cashiers.
(viii) Viwing of the Receipts.

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Revival of Lapsed Policy

In case of premium is not paid within 6 months of due date, the policy status will become changed to Lapsed. It lead to loses the risk cover it provides to the policy holder. To revive the lapsed policy one need to contact servicing branch and submit revival form along with required medical reports, upon approval you pay the due premium along with late fee, if any.
If your existing LIC policy is lapsed due to non-payment of premiums, we offer our services. Kindly get in touch with us.

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Loan Against Your Policy

A LIC policy comes with a unique feature of Loan Against Your Policy which allows you to avail loan against your ongoing policy at a simple rate of interest @9.5% charged half-yearly.

The amount taken as a loan against policy can be returned in phased manner to keep the policy running.

To get best investment plan for your needs kindly get in touch with us.

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Surrender of Policy

It is always advised to not to surrendered LIC policy unless there is dire need of money and there is no other option left because when you surrender your policy, you lose the insurance cover provided by the policy and reversionary bonus that is added to the policy every year is not fully paid to you and also you lose the final addition bonus which is paid at the time of maturity.

To surrender an LIC policy , you may contact at +91-9440137335.

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Change of Nominee

When applying for a LIC policy it is important to allocate nominee. In case of any untoward happening to the policyholder the claims are transferred in the name of nominee. LIC provides option to include single or multiple nominees with a defined percentage of share against your LIC policy.

In case of any help with respect of addition, deletion or change of listed nominee from the current nomination of your LIC policy, You can contact or drop an e-mail to us.

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